Free Book for YOU!!!


There is a PDF version of my new book of short stories available to you for FREE!!!

Leave you Email in the COMMENTS BOX below and I will send it to you…..


Book Cover 2


Author: weebush

I am an author of Irish Short Story books and have two books currently in publication i.e. "Across the Sheugh" and "Short Stories and Tall Tales." other new stories can be previewed on my blog

7 thoughts on “Free Book for YOU!!!”

  1. I am sorry I saved all this on facebook never got to check it as my brain only lets me when I feel ok.Had 3 brain ops to stop a bleed was successful but slowed me down. God was with me those 6 weeks & I would be grateful if you could send me the PDF version of short stories for Free Please. I am interested in what they call the Famine, but my Grandparents told me different in that it was a Genocide. I trust my Grandparents words more than the English & I was born in Glasgow.

    Henry Machon.


    1. Henry, It’s good to hear from you and I hope that you are well. Please forward an email address and I will send you a free copy with pleasure. I hope you will enjoy them. Godbless
      Jim Woods


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